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Why use Dr. Patricia Wendel to Treat Your Car Accident Injury?


Though you may have a great rapport with your family doctor, it is usually better for BOTH of you to go to a doctor who has been trained for and specializes in car accidents. Dr. Patricia Wendel is the only femalenchiropractor-in Middletown, Delaware, who is certified in Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology.

Dr. Wendel has two office locations: Middletown and Wilmington Delaware, she treats patients from Newark, Bear, Townsend, Odessa DE as well as Chestertown and Elkton, Maryland. This certified whiplash and spine physician-who specializes in car accidents; not only knows how to treat your injuries, she also understands how to document them and accurately bill the auto insurance companies.

After sustaining a car accident injury, many people go to their Primary Care doctors. But then they are bewildered to find out their family doctor, who they have gone to for everything from sniffles to broken bones, will not treat them.

Instead, they might be referred to a Physical Therapist (PT), who are not qualified or trained to diagnose, or document accidents, nor are they licensed to refer patients to specialists. Although PTs will treat to the best of their ability, they can-not quantify specific ramifications of injury. They simply are not trained for that.

In all cases, PT require a prescription from a DC, MD, or DO, and can be very general unless the doctor is trained in auto accident treatment.Car accidents are stressful enough without the added burden of having to find another physician. Yet, in all fairness to the doctor, they simply are not trained and a Physical Therapist is not a primary care physician.

In fact, not all chiropractors are qualified, trained, and/or certified to treat car accident injuries. Dr. Patricia Wendel is: She devoted time and money to become certified and trained in this arena. She understands the frustration and confusion accidents can cause, as she experienced herself. And unfortunately, due to poor treatment, documentation, insurance coding and specialist validation, she was unable to get the full policy benefits she should have been entitled to from her insurance company. Therefore, Dr. Wendel wants to ensure this never happens to you.

While getting healed is your first priority it is also important to make sure all of your injuries are documented correctly. This includes diagnosis, medical doctors' verification, special imaging photographs, statements, and timely treatments. They are essential to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

At Complete Accident Relief, we try our best to get our patients full policy limits. We will also help enhance your position-if you bring a case against the at-fault driver or their insurance company.

Your average family doctor PT, or DO, does not have experience with this level of documentation, and therefore will miss an important piece of credentialing, as well as validation, imagining and follow up that you will need.

Another reason your family doctor may refuse to treat you has to do with litigation. Sometimes car accident cases cannot be settled, so going to trial is inevitable. At that point, the family care doctor may be subpoenaed to testify or, at the very least be deposed by the two litigating parties.

Dr. Wendel's treatment process, procedure, and validation; verifies, justifies, and substantiates treatment necessity. A family care doctor is generally more used to treating colds, stomach pains, and twisted ankles and therefore not as comfortable testifying in open court. Plus, this whole process can be very time-consuming, and in turn, very costly because they cannot see their usual patients. Therefore, family doctors gladly pass this responsibility on to the physicians who specialize in car accident injuries, because they are familiar with the legal process and will (most likely) present a better case for you.

Your family doctor is used to billing health insurance companies. However, if you are in a car accident, auto insurance companies must be billed directly. This may not seem like a major change, but it is substantial. There are completely different forms, rules, regulations, stipulations,limits, co-pays...and the list goes on.

Thus, your family doctor, who is (most likely) unfamiliar with the auto insurance company's billing methods, would rather refer you to someone like Dr. Wendel who is certified, trained, and experienced to take care of you and your loved ones after an accident like no other Whiplash and Spine Specialist!

If you've been in a car accident -or even if you haven't-give Dr. Wendel a try! 302.593.0031

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